Meditation courses

For meditation courses at your company, office or institution, please contact us. We have a range of courses you can try out or you can book regular sessions face to face in Brisbane or online.

We are not affiliated to a religion, nor are we against it. We don’t bring in extras like reiki healing, crystals or tarot cards. We are extremely careful with existing health and trauma issues that might exist for individuals and we always give options.

Here are some of our courses:

Meditation for beginners – this introduces key concepts and a variety of techniques to try as you get started.

Meditation for alertness – it isn’t always about being calm and relaxed. Ways to increase alertness for work.

Calming meditation – for the end of the day or for high-stress environments.

Meditation for creativity – awaken the creative potential of the mind and apply it to your current situation.

Group meditation for meetings – for particularly long or difficult meetings, meditating together increases your ability to work together with increased awareness of the self, improved perception and ideas and less susceptability to brain fog.