For Teachers in Schools

We have a self-care course including meditation for hard-working teachers in schools. With our experience and research into what teachers need and feel throughout the work day, we have come up with a course which gives you a variety of ways to:

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What do you need to do to reduce the stress of being a teacher?
  • check in with yourself
  • be alert and calm
  • feel confident with the decisions you make throughout the day
  • support each other
  • look after your health
  • meditation specifically for teachers in schools

This is an in-person course or through Zoom with real conversation and the content is tailored to the needs of the group. Especially with the lockdowns affecting teachers, we aim to provide the time to take a step back and refocus, and the skills to do it for yourself. We consider it professional development but there are no tick-boxes or tasks to do. Only your participation is required. This course helps you develop professionally by enabling you to share and add to your self-care repertoire and by providing time for you to practice it together during the sessions.

Contact us to make arrangements.